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Website Design Cost Estimate Wizard

The first step is to choose a template. To do this, navigate to the template sites below and choose a template. Copy the template name or number and place it in the appropriate field in the estimator wizard. To review some of our recent website example sites, click on the examples below. Note: This Step is optional.

Web Design Price Calculator. Use this interactive design pricing tool to select important options for your website and see it update the numbers in real time.


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General (Step 1) Must Select One Option Here

I have an existing web site. (0 Hours)
I need a basic wordpress or joomla site. (3 Hours)
I need a simple template based type site. (6 Hours)
I need a completely custom site. (15 Hours)
I need a custom Muitisite Design. (30 Hours)

Site Layout Design (Step 2) Must Choose One From Here

I do not need any unique graphics designed. (0 Hours
I will supply images. (3 Hours)
I have a template but it needs minor customization. (6 Hours)
I need a template customized. (10 Hours)
I would like a custom design created for my site. (20 Hours)

Other Graphic Features (Step 3) Select all that apply

I need some custom graphics made. (4 Hours)
I need graphic mouse-over buttons. (4 Hours)
I need a few stock photographs integrated. (4 Hours)
I need several stock photographs integrated. (9 Hours)

Flash Menu, Banner & Animation (Step 4) Choose all that apply

I need a flash menu. (6 Hours)
I need a short custom Flash animation (3 Hours)
I need a Flash banner (4 Hours)

I want my site in Flash a total of X no. of pages (5 Hrs/Page) (Enter the # of pages you want here)

Content (Step 5) Choose any that applys

I will add my content (by myself) with a content manager (0 Hours)

I will supply X no. of pages of typed content. (3 Hrs/Page)

I need X no. of pages of copy written. (5 Hrs/Page)

Public Features (Step 6) Select all that apply

Member Registration (6 Hours)
Discussion Forums (5 Hours)
RSS News Feeds (5 Hours)
Google Maps Integration (5 Hours)
Contact Form (3 Hours)
Links Page (3 Hours)
Site Search (4 Hours)
Email Auto-responders (2 Hours)
File Uploads (8 Hours)
Google Adsense Integration (2 Hours)
Member Login (4 Hours)
Donation Tool (4 Hours)
Article Publication / Syndication (6 Hours)
Resources / Alerts / Reporting Tools (12 Hours)

Other Exciting Elements (Step 7) Choose all that apply

I need some video elements (6 Hours)
I need live streaming webcast (12 Hours)
I need audio elements (2 Hours)
I need live audio streaming (4 Hours)

Ecommerce (Step 8) Choose all that apply

Simple shopping cart (5 Hours)
Database shopping cart (10 Hours)
Credit Card Processing (4 Hours)
PayPal Processing (3 Hours)

Admin Features (Step 9) Select all that apply

Off the shelf site Blog (3 Hours)
Custom Site Blog (6 Hours)
Custom Content Manager (6 Hours)
Off the shelf Content Manager (2 Hours)
Photo Gallery (6 Hours)
Member Administration (5 Hours)
Database Reports (5 Hours)
Traffic Statistic Reports (1 Hours)

SEO (Step 10) Select all that apply

MetaTag Keyword Optimization (5 Hours)
Search Engine Submission (3 Hours)
Minor Link Building (6 Hours)
Major Link Building (12 Hours)
Press Release Submission (1 Hours)
Press Release Writing (4 Hours)

Social Media (Step 11) Select all that apply

Twitter Integration (3 Hours)
Facebook Page (5 Hours)
Facebook App (10 Hours)
Android iPhone App (12 Hours)

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What date do you want this project to commence?

From the Template link above, Enter the template code or the template name you would like to use for your website here. (Please click on the template link to review available templates. Copy the template name or code and paste it in the space below.)

Enter any other information you want us to know here.

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