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The first step in our engagement process is to start with our “Comprehensive Evaluation Survey.” However, our experience shows that some organizations, based on their internal assessments, would rather focus on areas they “believe” cause them to “leak” performance. For these types of organizations, we’ve created this tool to help them out with their needs. Note: This Wizard is designed to make engagement as transparent as possible by obliterating bottlenecks and allowing you to have an idea of the estimated cost up front before you even decide to initiate the change process your organization badly needs. Good luck!

  • At Xanaxx Consulting Group, we are committed to providing highly responsive and personalized service to our clients and delivering practical solutions that accomplish our client’s objectives. Our senior leadership team has decades of executive and consulting experience, and we are well-known thought leaders in the healthcare industry.

    Please click on the “Evaluation” link below to start with the survey, or simply scroll one page down and get started with the “Engagement” Tool. It’s free!

  • Xanaxx Consulting Group designs builds and runs numerous turn-key client programs that reduce health care costs with new and refined Health Management programs and capabilities targeted at improving quality, compliance and outcomes that result in up to 10% reduction in medical costs with robust revenue lift.

    At Xanaxx, we reduce administrative costs by integrating new technologies, redesigning business processes and operating models to gain efficiencies in Health Management operations thereby resulting in up to 25% reduction in overall costs.

    Our efforts increase consumer/patient and provider engagement & adherence. We achieve this through the implementation of new programs and capabilities that improve access and utilization of Health Management Services which result in enhanced engagement, satisfaction, adherence rates and increased client revenue streams.

  • We adopt various types of consulting tools and apply each tool-set whenever necessary. root cause issue analysis, data analysis and scenario modeling, healthcare benchmarking, hospital capital asset utilization, strategic market analysis, etc. are just a few instruments in our portfolio.

    At Xanaxx, our change adoption framework means persistent and sustained reporting and analytics:

    Before the change process begins
    During the change process and
    After the change has successfully taken place

    Our Program Management Framework involves commonly used techniques such as workshops and facilitated scenario-based sessions, online evaluations surveys, and On-site observations and interviews, equipment utilization, optimization assessments, and incorporation of organizational systems – realities of staff, employees, management, and culture.

  • Xanaxx Consulting Group can help you grow your business in entirely new ways. Today, you need to deliver the right experiences to the right people at the right time. From marketing strategy, analytics and customer experience to campaign and content management and e-commerce, we have extensive experience across every industry. All of which helps you drive revenues, increase efficiencies and reduce costs. As well as enhance your brand equity.
  • Xanaxx Consulting Group brings clients a combination of deep subject matter knowledge and unique capabilities which it deploys via consulting, technology as well as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. We are currently helping leading organizations address key challenges inherent in today’s healthcare environment such as:

    Growing Revenue and Expanding Services
    Increasing Consumer/Patient Engagement
    Improving Medical Outcomes
    Improving Profitability

    Our Health Management solutions allow clients to transition to complex population health management in a way that addresses: business model transformation, care delivery transformation, rising cost-to-serve, growing chronic disease prevalence and growing system inefficiencies. All while ensuring that the right care is provided at the right time, in the right setting, targeted at the right medical outcome.

    More precisely, our health management services offer solutions to help patients, providers and risk-bearers coordinate and manage population health and wellness across care settings in a way that ensures optimal health outcomes, efficient healthcare spend and drives affordability. Our offerings also enable new care delivery models that increase consumer/patient and provider engagement as well as improve virtual, home and self-care.

The Purpose of this Tool: Our program management framework involves commonly used techniques such as workshops and facilitated sessions, evaluation surveys, on-site observations and interviews, equipment utilization and optimization assessment, and the incorporation of organizational realities (people, culture, and norms) to craft realistic solutions designed to flush out frictions and areas in the system where performance is leaking. This tool merely serves as a conduit and not to subvert the process. Armed with valuable information this tool provides, you're better equipped to initiate the engagement process with all participants reading from the same page. Good luck and happy engagement with Xanaxx!


To Get Started, Select Areas of Need from Our List of Consulting Services Below.


SYSTEMS ANALYTICS - Select all that apply

Payer and Provider Analytics (6 Hours)
Financial analysis (6 Hours)
Operational Benchmarking (6 Hours)

BILLING SERVICES - Select all that apply

Medical Billing Services Consulting (10 Hours)
Manage practice’s scheduling quickly ($360/Year)
Practice Management + EHR Consulting ($80/Hour)
Denials Management (20 Hours)
Comprehensive Coding Review (40 Hours)
Coding Support and Coverage Services (30 Hours)

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Select all that apply

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services (10 Hours)
Feasibility Studies (21 Hours)
Organization's Quality market penetration Effectiveness (35 Hours)
Quality development solutions that address challenges (20 Hours)
Developing relationships with Payers and Providers (30 Hours)
Sales Development Approach and Methods (12 Hours)
Developing Quality customer Engagements (18 Hours)
Functioning as a Quality thought leader for your organization in webinars, trade shows, conferences (45 Hours)


Data Acquisition, Integration and Analysis (8 Hours)
Data Analysis – Systems, Procedures, Organizational Changes (17 Hours)

DESIGNS & DEVELOPMENT - Select all that apply

Product Design and Development (Exchanges, (20 Hours)
Medical management design and operations (Utilization) (23 Hours)
Organizational Design & Development (Mergers) (35 Hours)
Joint venture planning (45 Hours)
Leadership retreat facilitation (12 Hours)
Proprietary governance surveys and studies (20 Hours)
Labor planning and span-of-control studies (28 Hours)

HEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES - Select all that apply

Accelerating cost reduction, quality and improved outcomes (40 Hours)


Hospital Workforce Performance Improvement Services (80 Hours)
Physician Practice Workforce Performance Improvement (40 Hours)
Customer Care Solutions Services (36 Hours)
ICD-10 Consulting Services (21 Hours)
Project Management Services ( 40 Hours)
Practice Management Consulting Services (35 Hours)
Support to Shareholders (29 Hours)
Hiring New Associates (22 Hours)
Buy-Ins/Buy-Outs (80 Hours)
Expense Sharing (36 Hours)
Productivity & Income Division (24 Hours)
Employment Agreements (8 Hours)
Shareholder and Associate Issues (4 Hours)
Developing High Performance Teams (80 Hours)
Human Resources Consulting (40 Hours)
Corporate Document Management (60 Hours)
Coding Consulting (8 Hours)
Accounts Receivable Consulting (15 Hours)

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - Select all that apply

Application (APP) Development (160 Hours)
App Selection, Implementation & Maintenance (96 Hours)
HM Clinical Workflow Systems (16 Hours)
Mobile and Virtual Care Solutions (10 Hours)
Patient Self-Management Tools (10 Hours)
Remote Monitoring Solutions (12 Hours)
IT Analytics (18 Hours)
Population Predictive Modeling and Risk Stratification (40 Hours)
Clinical Review Analytics (160 Hours)
Outcomes Measurement (80 Hours)

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - Select all that apply

Business Management and administration (21 Hours)
HM Product, Program/Engagement Strategy and Design (40 Hours)
Care Operating Model Optimization (80 Hours)
Needs and Capability Assessments (40 Hours)
Efficiency Value Targeting (36 Hours)
Policy and Training (24 Hours)


Content and Campaign Management (21 Hours)
Customer and Marketing Analytics (20 Hours)
eCommerce and Web Development (30 Hours)
Experience Management (26 Hours)
Marketing and Media Optimization (18 Hours)
Marketing Strategy and Operations (40 Hours)
Social Marketing (15 Hours)
Email Marketing (10 Hours)
Search Engine Optimization (12 Hours)
Article Marketing (16 Hours)
Fax Marketing (6 Hours)
Call Center Marketing (8 Hours)
Video Marketing (18 Hours)
Newsletter Marketing (13 Hours)
Webinar Marketing (18 Hours)

MANAGED CARE CONSULTING - Select all that apply

Managed Care Contracting (60 Hours)

OPERATIONS - Select all that apply

Operations & Performance Improvement (42 Hours)
Patient Care Throughput (40 Hours)
Electronic Health Record (20 Hours)
Medical Practice Assessment (40 Hours)
Observation vs Inpatient Status (24 Hours)
Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates (40 Hours)
Cliinical Documentation and Improvement Programs (40 Hours)
Interim Management (40 Hours)
Community Benefit Programs (20 Hours)
Centralized Business Office (40 Hours)
Medical Practice Accounts Receivable Effectiveness (24 Hours)
Application for Increased Medicaid Reimbursement (35 Hours)


Practice Management (40 Hours)


Cross Continuum Care Coordination (40 Hours)
Patient Navigation (40 Hours)
Wellness and Prevention (80 Hours)
Readmissions Prevention/ Transitions in Care (50 Hours)
Chronic Condition Management (60 Hours)
Complex Care Coordination (80 Hours)
Aging in Place (40 Hours)
Palliative Care (40 Hours)
Utilization Management (32 Hours)
Pre-Certification (8 Hours)
Concurrent Review (12 Hours)
Capacity Management (40 Hours)
Facility Discharge Planning (68 Hours)
Level and Site of Care Management (80 Hours)

PROCESS OPTIMIZATION - Select all that apply

Process development & Process documentation (36 Hours)
Accountable care organization operations (30 Hours)
Perform Care Coordination (40 Hours)
Utilization Management (30 Hours)
Quality/Compliance Processes (40 Hours)

PLANNING - Select all that apply

Variety of strategic, financial and operational planning (40 Hours)

RESEARCH - Select all that apply

Custom Surveys & Proprietary Research (40 Hours)

SAFETY - Select all that apply

Safety program development and implementation (60 Hours)
Job Hazard Analysis and Root Cause Analysis (50 Hours)

STRATEGIC SERVICES - Select all that apply

Strategic Planning, Business Planning & Feasibility Studies (50 Hours)


Cyber Triats and attack prevention services (80 Hours)

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