Yes! You Need Social Media Programs Tool! Here Are The Steps You Need to Take


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Social Media Programs

To use Social Media effectively, managers need to take the following steps:

  • Understand what Social Media tools your customers are using. Determine what they are saying about you.
  • Decide which additional tools are most valuable. Prioritize the four primary purposes and determine which Social Media tools to apply to which purposes in collaboration with which partners.
  • Deploy Social Media tools across all aspects of the customer experience. Attract and retain customers by allowing them to share and rate new products, make purchases or receive advice from the company about using the product.
  • Develop testing and learning capabilities. Use customer feedback to improve services and increase loyalty. Develop insights into customer behaviors and needs with research and analytics.
  • Integrate targeted messages. Ensure that Social Media methods and messages are consistent with the company’s brand positioning and other marketing campaigns.
  • Promote the new tools. Raise awareness of new tools with customers, employees and other targeted audiences.

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