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Decision Rights Tools

Each person involved in the decision-making process should be assigned one of the five decision-making roles:

• Recommend: Recommenders gather and assess the relevant facts, obtaining input from appropriate parties, and then recommend a decision or action.

• Agree: Agreers formally approve a recommendation and can delay it if more work is required.

• Perform: Performers are accountable for making a decision happen once it’s been made.

• Input: Inputers combine facts and judgment to provide input into a recommendation.

• Decide: Deciders make the ultimate decision and commit the organization to action.
These assignments should factor in the following:

• Each decision should have only one Decider with singlepoint accountability

• Each decision has one individual who leads the process to develop a recommendation, factoring in all relevant input

• Agree roles should be used sparingly, typically only in extraordinary circumstances (e.g., regulatory or legal issues), otherwise they undermine speed and authority

• Input roles should be assigned only to those with knowledge, experience or access to resources that are so important for a good decision that it would be irresponsible for the decision maker not to seek their input

• Consider soliciting input from those with Perform roles in order to engage early, identify implementation issues and enable upfront planning

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