Yes! You Need Customer Relationship Management Tool! Here Are The Steps You Need to Take


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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relation Management (CRM) requires managers to:

  • Start by defining strategic “pain points” in the customer relationship cycle. These are problems that have a large impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, where solutions would lead to superior financial rewards and competitive advantage.
  • Evaluate whether – and what kind of – CRM data can fix those pain points. Calculate the value that such information would bring the company.
  • Select the appropriate technology platform, and calculate the cost of implementing it and training employees to use it.
  • Assess whether the benefits of the CRM information outweigh the expense involved.
  • Design incentive programs to ensure that personnel are encouraged to participate in the CRM program. Many companies have discovered that realigning the organization away from product groups and toward a customer-centered structure improves the success of CRM.
  • Measure CRM progress and impact. Aggressively monitor participation of key personnel in the CRM program. In addition, put measurement systems in place to track the improvement in customer profitability with the use of CRM. Once the data is collected, share the information widely with employees to encourage further participation in the program.

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