Yes! You Need Core Competencies Tool! Here Are The Steps You Need to Take


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Improving Core Competencies

Core Competencies capture the collective learning in an organization. To develop Core Competencies you must take these actions:

  • Isolate its key abilities and hone them into organization-wide strengths
  • Compare itself with other companies with the same skills to ensure that it is developing unique capabilities
  • Develop an understanding of what capabilities its customers truly value, and invest accordingly to develop and sustain valued strengths
  • Create an organizational road map that sets goals for competence building
  • Pursue alliances, acquisitions and licensing arrangements that will further build the organization’s strengths in core areas
  • Encourage communication and involvement in core capability development across the organization
  • Preserve core strengths even as management expands and redefi nes the business
  • Outsource or divest non-core capabilities to free up resources that can be used to deepen core capabilities

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