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Change Management Programs

Change Management Programs require managers to:

  • Focus on results. Maintain a goal-oriented mindset by establishing clear, nonnegotiable goals and designing incentives to ensure these goals are met.
  • Overcome barriers to change. Identify employees who are most affected and also work to predict, measure and manage the risk of change.
  • Repeatedly communicate simple, powerful messages to employees. In times of change, alter communication frequency and the methods to manage how a shaken workforce perceives and reacts to information:
  1. Ensure sponsorship throughout the organization. To allow sponsorship to reach all levels of the organization, enlist multiple sponsors to provide all individuals with access to — and the influence of — a sponsor.
  2. Reorganize around decision making. Develop a system for identifying, making and executing the most important decisions.
  • Continuously monitor progress. Follow through and monitor the progress of each change initiative to tell if it is following the intended path or veering off course.

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