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Networking for Healthcare Environment

Independent physicians are increasingly spending more time managing their healthcare business than providing it. Mobile devices on a wireless LAN or WAN make it possible to:

  • Networking for Healthcare: Access all of a patient’s medical records from an EMR system from any location. With a wireless network and an EMR system vs. paper records, efficiency improves significantly.
  • Upload lab results, prescription orders, and other important information from anywhere in your facility.
  • Access your daily calendar and other relevant information while on the go.

In a busy healthcare environment, communication can mean the difference between life and death. The ability to interact and share information across a variety of platforms is vital to healthcare providers, who must keep up-to-date when lives are on the line. Effective communication also enhances a patient’s healthcare experience, from appointment setting to transmitting lab results and answering billing inquiries – Networking for Healthcare.

HIPAA requires that healthcare organizations safeguard their communications networks to ensure confidentiality. When patient information is exchanged electronically, it becomes vulnerable to both external and internal security threats. User authentication and voice and data encryption capabilities keep healthcare communications private and secure.

In addition to privacy concerns, there is tremendous pressure on medical facilities to cut operating costs and boost efficiencies. Consolidated communications networks and remote diagnostics reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs, minimize technical staff, and provide seamless, reliable communications when it counts the most.

Networking for Healthcare – Xanaxx Consulting Group delivers intelligent communication solutions that enable healthcare organizations to operate more productively by streamlining information flow, simplifying administration, and reducing errors. Our communication solutions provide unparalleled protection to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patient information, and address the needs of the healthcare industry for flexible operations and reliable performance during life and death situations.

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