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mergers_acquisitionsMergers and Acquisitions

Over the past decade, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) have reached unprecedented levels as companies use corporate financing strategies to maximize shareholder value and create a competitive advantage. Acquisitions occur when a larger company takes over a smaller one; a merger typically involves two relative equals joining forces and creating a new company.

Most Mergers and Acquisitions are friendly, but a hostile takeover occurs when the acquirer bypasses the board of the targeted company and purchases a majority of the company’s stock on the open market.

A merger is considered a success if it increases shareholder value faster than if the companies had remained separate. Because corporate takeovers and mergers can reduce competition, they are heavily regulated, often requiring government approval.

To increase the chances of a deal’s success, acquirers need to perform rigorous due diligence—a review of the targeted company’s assets and performance history—before the purchase to verify the company’s standalone value and unmask problems that could jeopardize the outcome.

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Do you want to increase shareholder value through cost reduction by combining departments and operations, and trimming the workforce?

Or would you rather increase revenue by absorbing a major competitor and winning more market share?

Are you interested in lifting the revenue of your shareholders by Cross-selling your products or services?

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