Wireless Networks: Mobile Computing Devices in Healthcare


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Mobile Computing: wireless networks

Wireless Networks: Mobile Computing Devices in Healthcare

Mobile computing devices and wireless networks enable healthcare professionals to provide better patient care and improve work flow.These tools have become popular for doctors and nurses who work in an electronic environment. Wireless networks make it possible for caregivers to remotely access patient records, order lab tests, x-rays or prescriptions, and perform online research. Patient data can be entered or updated on the spot, without having to return to a workstation for manual entry or to fill out paper documents. (mobile computing devices in healthcare)

Wireless Networks: Clinical applications such as electronic medical records (EMR), computerized practitioner order entry (CPOE), and positive patient identification (PPID) are driving this rapid expansion of mobile technologies. Xanaxx Consulting solutions can help integrate Point-of-Care (POC) mobile hardware solutions with appropriate software applications to deliver:

  • Enhanced Quality of Patient Care
  • Increased Patient Safety
  • Improved Physician Efficiency
  • Updated Standards Compliance
  • Reduced Costs

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