Might Your Cure be Use of Clear Decision Rights Tools?


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clear_decision_rightsDecision Rights

Decision Rights Tools help companies to organize their decision making and execution by setting clear roles and accountabilities and by giving all those involved a sense of ownership of decisions:

  • when to provide input
  • who should follow through and
  • what is beyond their scope.

Clear decision rights allow companies to cut through the complexity, often clouding today’s global structures by ensuring that critical decisions are made promptly and well and result in effective actions.

Let's see if Decision Rights tools will offer the best solution to your current need.


Do you want to eliminate decision bottlenecks, such as those that often occur between the center vs. business units, global vs. regional vs. local units and different functions?

Are you interested in make higher-quality decisions?

Do you want to make faster decisions resulting in faster operational performance (such as product development, international rollout and so on)?

Would you like to create a healthy debate on critical decisions, but through processes that feel productive, with minimal frustration?

Do you want to have more have agility and flexibility in decision making and execution to respond to dynamic circumstances?

Would you like to provide a common vocabulary to discuss decisions in a constructive manner across units in your organization?

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