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zero_based_budgetingZero-Based Budgeting is a broad-reaching cost transformation effort that takes a “blank sheet of paper” approach to resource planning. It differs from traditional budgeting processes by examining all expenses for each new period, not just incremental expenditures in obvious areas.

Zero-Based Budgeting forces managers to scrutinize all spending and requires justifying every expense item that should be kept. It allows companies to radically redesign their cost structures and boost competitiveness.

Zero-Based Budgeting analyzes which activities should be performed at what levels and frequency and examines how they could be better performed—potentially through streamlining, standardization, Outsourcing, off-shoring or automation. The
process is helpful for aligning resource allocations with strategic goals, although it can be time-consuming and difficult to quantify the returns on some expenditures, such as basic research.

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Would you like to justify proposed activities and resources you've mapped out for your organization?

Would you like to align your organization's resources with mission of the function and enterprise?

Are you more interested to fund key strategic imperatives while removing large non-value-adding costs?

Is your organization overly complex due to mergers or acquisitions?

Would you rather like to Confront conventional thinking and resource allocations by challenging every line item and assumption, including the most sacred of cows in your organization?

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