Identify Previously Unseen Correlations and Patterns Using Big Data Analytics


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big_data_analyticsBig Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics enables the rapid extraction, transformation, loading, search, analysis and sharing of massive data sets. By analyzing a large, integrated, real-time database rather than smaller, independent, batch-processed data sets, Big Data Analytics seeks to quickly identify previously unseen correlations and patterns to improve decision making.

Although it is related to traditional Database Management and Business Intelligence systems, Big Data Analytics dramatically increases the ability to process data in four major ways:

  • Volume: moves beyond terabytes to petabytes and exabytes
  • Velocity: enables real-time insights and actions
  • Variety: analyzes everything from click-stream data to video streams
  • Variability: manages changes in data formats and information fields

The results help managers better measure and manage the most critical functions of their business.

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Are you looking to improve internal processes, such as risk management, Customer Relationship Management, supply chain logistics or Web content optimization?

Are you interesting in improve existing products and services?

Would you like to develop new product and service offerings?

Do you want to better target your offerings to your customers?

Do you want to transform the overall business model to capitalize on realtime information and feedback?

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