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complexity_reductionComplexity Reduction

Complexity Reduction helps companies simplify their strategy, organization, products, processes and information technology.

Reduction in any of these areas opens up opportunities for simplification in others. Unwieldy complexity often results from business expansions or bureaucracies that unnecessarily complicate a company’s operating model, leading to sluggish growth, higher costs and poor returns.

Complexity Reduction finds inflection points where products or services fully meet customer needs at the lowest costs. By streamlining product lines, for example, companies may be able to simplify organization structures and decision making to serve their core customers better while also reducing demands on business processes and information systems.

Let's see if Complexity Reduction tool will offer the best solution to your current need.


Do you want to identify and strengthen core capabilities in your organization?

Are you looking to build the business around customer needs?

Do you want to create a disciplined approach to releasing new products or services and trimming those that customers no longer value?

Would you want to design an organizational structure to support critical decisions?

Are you interested in maximizing process efficiency?

Would you like to align your organization's information systems with business objectives?

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