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List of 25 Management Tools Deployed by Xanaxx Consulting Group

  1. Are You Considering Outsourcing?

  2. Benefit By Delivering Unique Value to Customers by Improving Core Competencies

  3. Do You Need to Maximize Your Shareholders Value Through Mergers and Acquisitions

  4. Do You Need to Redefine Your Mission and Vision Statements?

  5. Does Your Situation Require Supply Chain Management Tool?

  6. Find Inflection Points by Utilizing Complexity Reduction Tool

  7. Identify and Apply Best Demonstrated Practices by Utilizing Benchmarking

  8. Identify Previously Unseen Correlations and Patterns Using Big Data Analytics

  9. Identify Unmet Needs Through Use of Customer Segmentation Tool

  10. Lay Out Strategy for Mitigating Risk Through Change Management Programs

  11. Let’s See if Your Management Need Calls for Zero-Based Budgeting

  12. Might Your Cure be Use of Clear Decision Rights Tools?

  13. Might Your Organization Consider Downsizing?

  14. Now, Let’s Determine if Your Need Calls for the Application of Total Quality Management (TQM)

  15. Reduce Organizational Layers Through Business Process Reengineering

  16. Solve Specific Problems Through Use of Customer Relationship Management

  17. Translate Mission and Vision Statements into a Comprehensive Set of Objectives Using Balanced Scorecard

  18. Will Your Organization Benefit from Open Innovation?

  19. Your Organization May Benefit from Employee Engagement Surveys

  20. Your Business May Be Needing Satisfaction and Loyalty Management

  21. Your Company May be in Need of Scenario and Contingency Planning

  22. Your Enterprise May be Suffering from Inadequate Price Optimization Models

  23. Your Organization May Need Strategic Planning Tool

  24. Your Organization May Need to Form Strategic Alliances

  25. Your Organization May Very Well Need a Comprehensive Social Media Programs

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