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Compliance Program DevelopmentCompliance Program Development

Since the concept of compliance was first introduced by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), many in the healthcare industry have come to view it as an unfunded mandate and administrative burden. At Xanaxx, our experience has shown us that a solid commitment to enterprise-wide compliance can actually improve an organization`s fiscal and operational performance as well as the quality of the care it provides.

Compliance Program Development: Regulatory and public scrutiny has made it even more critical for healthcare organizations to demonstrate an unequivocal commitment to maintaining a culture of compliance and ethics that is fully embraced and supported by its governing body. Xanaxx has deep experience in helping organizations develop, implement and continually improve such a culture (and all the details required to enhance services in this area), which can also help mitigate any potential exposure to regulatory liability and sanctions.

From compliance program development and due diligence audits to coding education and claim reviews, our compliance consulting services are performed by seasoned healthcare professionals, including Certified Coders and Certified Compliance Professionals, who have worked extensively in all areas of the industry before joining Xanaxx. This experience allows them a deep understanding of the industry, its operational and fiscal complexities, and its regulatory requirements. More importantly, it provides them with a unique appreciation of the issues faced by our clients and the ability to empathize with their challenges. As a result, our consultants fully understand – and appreciate – the importance of developing solutions that support a client`s ability to “do the right thing” and meet business objectives after the assignment is complete.

Xanaxx`s Compliance Services:

Developing and implementing corporate and departmental compliance programs.

Assessing the effectiveness of mature corporate and departmental compliance programs.

Providing compliance education to clinicians and non-clinician work force members, along with focused training for individuals involved in or responsible for revenue cycle.

Designing and conducting audits of documentation, charge capture, coding and billing processes and systems.

Designing and implementing monitoring programs and processes for all components of a compliance program.

Collaborating with clients to craft compliance standards of conduct and policies & procedures that meet their unique needs and obligations – Compliance Program Development.

Assessment and implementation of HIPAA privacy and security, HITECH and ARRA rules and regulations.

Providing assistance to organizations or individuals facing investigation and/or administrative or other sanctions by regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

Functioning as an Independent Review Organization (IRO) on behalf of organizations operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)

Special audits of compliance program effectiveness for due diligence in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

Highly specialized areas include:

Hospitals, including academic medical centers

Physician practices

Hospital and physician integration


Durable Medical Equipment

Behavioral health

Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans

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