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scenario_contigency_planningScenario and Contingency Planning

Scenario Planning allows executives to explore and prepare for several alternative futures. It examines the outcomes a company might expect under a variety of operating strategies and economic conditions. Contingency Planning assesses what effect sudden market changes or business disruptions might have on a company and devises strategies to deal with them.

Scenario and contingency plans avoid the dangers of simplistic, one-dimensional or linear thinking. By raising and testing various “what-if” scenarios, managers can brainstorm together and challenge their assumptions in a nonthreatening, hypothetical environment before they decide on a certain course of action. Scenario and Contingency Planning allows management to pressure-test plans and forecasts, and equips the company to handle the unexpected.

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Do you want to achieve a higher degree of organizational learning?

Would you want to raise and challenge both implicit and widely held beliefs and assumptions about your organization and its strategic direction?

Would you like to identify key levers that can influence your organization’s future course?

Do you want to turn long-range planning into a vital, shared experience?

Would you like to develop a clearer view of your organization's future?

Would you like to incorporate globalization and change management into strategic analysis?

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