Healthcare Business Strategy PlanningHealthcare Strategic Planning

When undertaken correctly, strategic planning transforms an organization. At Xanaxx Consulting Group, we use our depth of experience to develop a customized planning process that will assist you in achieving the desired organizational transformation. We help you answer the following questions:

  • What is our organizational vision, and how will we measure our long-term success?
  • How will our market evolve, and what are the implications for our future direction?
  • What are the elements of a sustainable competitive position?
  • Is an affiliation or another type of strategic partnership needed to enhance our positioning?
  • What level of growth should we pursue, and what are our clinical service line priorities?
  • In what ways should we partner with physicians to achieve our targeted growth?
  • What are our geographic market priorities?
  • Are outreach/off-site development efforts needed to ensure growth?
  • What quality, service, and cost performance improvements are needed?
  • What are the financial and resource implications of our strategies?

We tailor our planning process to best meet the needs of your organization. However, our approach consistently incorporates the following elements:

  • A primary focus on growing volumes and improving financial results.
  • Lessons learned from our experiences with hospitals and physician groups in a variety of markets across all 50 states.
  • Synthesis of internal and market data into meaningful findings and implications.
  • Building of consensus around the complex and challenging issues facing your organization.
  • Articulation of both a clear, compelling vision and practical, actionable strategies.

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Xanaxx Strategic ServicesXanaxx Business Strategic Services

Most certainly, this time of heightened uncertainty and constrained resources, healthcare organizations have an even greater need for clear direction, robust strategies, and financially sound business initiatives. Xanaxx Consulting Group has the breadth and depth of technical and process skills required to assist you in all aspects of strategic, business, and service line planning.

Our consultants integrate their expertise in strategic, financial, and operational planning in order to arrive at recommendations that are market-driven, financially sound, and implementable. We add value to your planning efforts through our critical thinking, creativity, and pragmatism.

Xanaxx Consulting Group works closely with you to develop a long-term vision, the strategies required to successfully achieve that vision, and the financial and action plans needed for effective execution. Our strategy services include:

XCG Strategic Planning
Enterprise-wide strategic plans, organizational visioning, repositioning and volume growth plans, affiliation needs assessments, strategic advisory assistance, implementation support, and retreat facilitation.

XCG Business Planning & Feasibility Studies
Evaluation of new initiatives and capital projects, demand forecasting, financial impact analysis, ambulatory/outreach business plans, analysis of business ventures/transactions, and merger/acquisition assistance.

XCG Service Line Planning
Portfolio analysis; resource-allocation priority setting; and service line strategic and business plans for cancer, cardiovascular, digestive disease, neuroscience, orthopedic/musculoskeletal, pediatric/children’s, and surgical programs and facilities.

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