Xanaxx RFID Bar-coding

rfid bar-coding

RFID Bar-coding

Due to high levels of medical liability, the demand for efficient and accurate information management is steadily increasing. Bar code scanners and RFID tags collect and track patient information, reducing medical errors and improving staff productivity.

Bar-coding: From a compliance standpoint, barcodes help keep important patient information readily accessible yet confidential. Barcodes are unreadable without a scanner, and the data they contain cannot be misread or transcribed incorrectly. Uploading new or amended information to the organization’s database can be done wirelessly or via secure connection. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags permit instantaneous identification and location of equipment, supplies, and even patients. RFID readers enable high-speed access to critical details with complete accuracy and confidentiality – RFID Bar-coding.

As more healthcare organizations move to electronic data exchange to manage patient information and reduce the cost of paper documentation, scanners can play an important role in a comprehensive solution. Reading a patient’s chart can be as easy as a trigger-pull, and updating the data across the entire facility is performed in a single action. Billing and administration is made easier through the use of these technologies, as every asset used throughout a patient’s treatment is recorded at the moment it is delivered and catalogued for later access.

Xanaxx Consulting Group carries a diverse assortment of scanner and RFID technologies that bring accuracy, mobility, and security to a variety of healthcare applications.

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