Business Automation: Key in Privacy and Efficiency Improvement Standards


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Healthcare organizations and their partners recognize the value of ensuring privacy and integrating technology into their core operations to deliver better patient care, and the most forward-thinking are currently using automation to achieve these goals. They are streamlining workflows with highly secure automated processes that protect patient data, such as secure FTP file transfer functions that use passwords, keys, certificates, SSL/TLS Explicit/Implicit solutions as well as file encryption and decryption protocols with open PGP, PGP certificates, passphrases and keys.

So what are the next steps, beyond meeting privacy thresholds established by HIPAA and electronic solution adoption encouraged by the HITECH Act? Should the standards be reshaped to better control and monitor the actions of complaint organizations? If HIPAA compliance is just a checkbox item to be crossed off before an IT product release, does this limit or defeat the purpose of compliance? And in keeping with the spirit of the HITECH Act, isn’t it important to strive for better outcomes? Automation has a role to play in answering all of these questions.

Make no mistake, automation gives users the ability to define and automatically generate reports. When the HITECH Act established meaningful use standards, one goal was to generate efficiencies and improve access to important data, an objective the more technically skilled provider organizations have substantially met.

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