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Scenario #1:
Assume the following for your facility:
Fixed cost = $ 10,000
Selling price = $100
Variable cost = $20
What is the breakeven point in units? in dollars?
What is the contribution margin in percent?
in dollars?

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Scenario #2:
The physician’s office that you manage
wants to buy equipment for $20,000
with projected cash flows of $3,000 per year
over the equipment’s 10-year useful life.
Calculate the NPV/IRR at 10%.
Assume no salvage value.

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Scenario #3:
Your clinic wants to buy new software for $20,000
with projected cash flows (salary savings)
of $12,000 per year during the software’s useful life.
What is the payback period?

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Scenario #5:
The integrated delivery system you work for is thinking
about dropping your sleep disorder program for financial reasons.
The program serves 4,000 patients a year with annual
revenues of $2,000,000. The variable cost per patient
is $200 with allocated fixed costs to the program of $1,600,000.
Should your program be dropped for financial reasons?

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Scenario #6:
Your sleep disorder clinic wants to buy new software for $20,000
with projected cash flows (salary savings) of $12,000 per year
during the software’s useful life. What is the payback period?

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Scenario #7:
You were recently hired to manage a new primary care physician’s office.
The physician’s office will be located downtown in a major metropolitan area
with significant competition. You need to establish the organization’s purpose and
financial objectives. What items should you consider in establishing the organization’s purpose?
What organizational purpose should you suggest to the physician owners?
What should the financial objectives of the organization be?

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Scenario #10:
You are the CFO (business office manager) of a 26-bed rural hospital.
The chairman of your governing body, who has been the chairman for over 30 years, is discussing
with you possible ways to improve the hospital’s financial position. During the discussion, he asks
you why you cannot increase the charges to Blue Cross to cover the losses to Medicare,
Medicaid, and charity care. He goes on to say that this strategy was used in the 1970s and 1980s and
he does not understand why it will not work in 2014. What do you tell him?

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Scenario #9:
You are the administrator of a nursing home owned by
a for-profit parent corporation that owns 30 nursing homes.
You have been asked by the board of directors of the parent
corporation to explain how your quality initiatives will improve profitability.
What is your presentation?

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Scenario #12:
You are the CEO of a nonprofit community hospital located in a small city.
An influential patient is in your office with a hospital bill that he received recently
for a one-day stay in your hospital (most of the time was spent in the emergency room).
The bill, excluding physician charges, was $17,000. The patient thinks this is outrageous
and he wants to know what the care actually cost the hospital. What do you tell him?

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Scenario #8:
You manage a four-physician office practice in a competitive neighborhood.
Vendors often bring lunches and gifts for your staff and samples of prescription
medications that the physicians give to patients. Could this be a problem?

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Scenario #13:
You are the administrator of Noble General Hospital,
which has been hit hard by the current economic crisis
and has been cutting expenses to survive. Your cash
on hand is short and it is the time of the month to pay
your employees and your vendors. The cash inflows from
patient revenues supplied just enough to cover about half
of your salaries and expenses. Explain the options for the clinic.
What would you do?

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Scenario #15:
The physician’s office that you manage wants to buy equipment for $20,000
with projected cash flows of $3,000 per year over the equipment’s 10-year useful life.
Calculate the NPV/IRR at 10%. Assume no salvage value.

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